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The time of birth of a new life is absolutely magical. You won't regret capturing them in beautiful professional photos.

A newborn photo shoot is a wonderful bonding experience. You can relax in my studio in Laufen in Basel-Land or at your home while I take care of your baby.


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In the studio

400 CHF


  • 2 hours photo shoot in the studio

  • 20 edited photos in an online gallery

  • 3 different setups of baby alone and with family


At home

500 CHF


  • 2 hours photo shoot at your home

  • 20 edited photos in an online gallery

  • 3 different setups of baby alone and with family

  • Travel within the Basel region


Baby bump

150 CHF

instead of 250 CHF


  • 1 hour photo shoot in the studio

  • 10 edited photos in an online gallery

  • A selection of outfits

Special offer when booking together with the newborn photo shoot.

Additional photos

10 CHF per piece

If you want more photos than are included in your package, you can purchase a few extras.


I will photograph your sweet newborn in three different setups and many different poses and angles, alone and also together with the family. Your partner and your children are of course very welcome.

I will create a varied gallery of different images that match each other in color. I ask you in advance which style you prefer, from stylized studio images to natural poses.

I have clothes, wraps, and backgrounds in many colors for you to choose from. You are also welcome to bring your own clothing and props. If you would like specific poses, feel free to show me (ideally in advance) and I will do my best to create similar images.

The baby photo shoot lasts about two hours, but don't stress, if the baby doesn't participate, we can do a little longer. Also, if your other little one is with you, I expect it might get challenging, but I have lots of tricks to make it work with them too.

A week after the photo shoot, you will receive a gallery with around 100 preview images to choose from. After you have selected your images, I will edit them and send you the gallery electronically within two weeks.


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